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APAC Regulatory Risk Management regional regulatory risk impact assessment

Regulatory inventory mapping, framework, policies, and procedures documentation maintenance programme

APAC Regulatory Risk Management regional regulatory risk impact assessment

Client Need

A European Tier 1 Private & Investment bank required assistance in assessing the impact of risk related regulatory guidelines of its APAC entities across 7 locations through the review of local, regional and global frameworks policies, and procedures documentation to ensure compliance with all respective laws and regulatory rules


Lead a cross jurisdictional team in Hong Kong and 6 other countries in Asia Pacific, engaging client stakeholders at regional senior management and exco members and working level staff. Responsibilities included:

- Documentation identification and storage in single repository

- Line-by-line assessment of all identified documentation against relevant regulatory rules and laws

- Gap analysis identifying any documentation rule omissions or “irregularities”

- Drafting any proposed documentation amendments based on identified gaps

- Managing the process for recommended amendments; socialised with relevant stakeholders for feedback

- Leading the governance and approval process and decision forums of any proposed changes with relevant approving bodies of all documentation

Value Added

Successfully delivered a holistic repository of all frameworks, policies, and procedures across Asia Pacific, mapping each document against relevant respective regulatory rules and laws and provided recommended amendments to any documentation, as required, managing the governance and approval and the creation of an inventory of all relevant laws and regulatory rules

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