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Daniel Wolfsheimer Profile Picture

Daniel Wolfsheimer

Founder and Director of Risk Management Services


mobile: +852 6144 5585

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Daniel Wolfsheimer is a highly skilled risk management professional with over 19 years of experience. He has demonstrated exceptional expertise in developing and implementing robust risk management frameworks and strategies across a diverse range of industries. Daniel is recognized for his innovative approach in integrating artificial intelligence and data analytics into risk management processes, significantly enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.


Professional Experience: Daniel's career encompasses significant roles in leading financial institutions and consulting firms, where he has been instrumental in optimizing risk controls and governance practices. His achievements include the successful implementation of cutting-edge risk data aggregation and reporting systems, showcasing his aptitude for leveraging technology in risk management.


Leadership in Risk Management: A strong leader, Daniel has steered high-level risk committee meetings and provided strategic platforms for executive risk decision-making. His leadership extends beyond managing teams to shaping risk management cultures within organizations, emphasizing transparency and informed risk-taking.

Strategic Development: Daniel is skilled in developing comprehensive risk management frameworks that align with international standards like COSO and ISO31000. His expertise in formulating risk appetite statements and devising integrated risk frameworks has been pivotal in guiding organizations towards achieving their strategic objectives while effectively managing risks.


Project Management and Operational Excellence: He is known for his exceptional project management skills, leading high-impact initiatives that enhance operational risk processes. His approach balances rigor with agility, ensuring that risk management practices are both robust and adaptable to changing business environments.

Educational Background: Daniel holds a Postgraduate Diploma in International Business Economics and a BA in Business Economics. His academic background provides a solid foundation for his practical expertise in risk management.

Certifications and Personal Interests: Certified in AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner, Daniel is committed to continuous professional development. Outside of his professional life, he is an avid ultra-trail runner and marathon participant, showcasing his dedication to endurance and resilience.

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